The power of voice is here: Automator

I am Voice automator; a windows based application that will help you command your entire computer directly with your VOICE. Yes, voice; be it opening your favourite webpages or punching in your passwords. Everything can be done without even touching your keyboard. I am your personal Jinn. Your wish shall be granted :)

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Typing on keyboard and scrolling mouse even for simple tasks like shut down or entering URL are very mundane tasks. It all started with an idea of why there can't be a system that would obey all of our commands; just like a Jinn and do whatever we like, without touching the keyboard.

That's when Prafull Agrawal started working on the idea and the development began. You can view more information about the product in this video:

You can connect with Prafull on Linkedin:

Our Features

100 % customizable

You can easily customize the settings as per your preferences; create your own commands. Like they say, not everyone needs a same fit.

Screen Reader

Just by pressing play button, you can enjoy on screen text read to you so that you need not strain your eyes to read those text.

Indian Accent

It's the first application that suits and easily identifies both foreign as well as Indian accents.

Google Search

By saying specifically "Search for" followed by the search term user can search anything on the google by saying the search term.

Some More Features

While we have more than 100’s of features in our app; here are some of the features that we are sure you would love:

Voice Training

This application comes with inbuilt voice training wizard.

Emergency Contacts List

You can access complete list of emergency contacts just by setting up a command for it; to be used during emergency.

Email Reader And Checker

After saving log in details of email id user can call for reading and checking for mails.


Operate VLC and Windows Media Player functions like Play, Pause, next, Previous, Mute, Fast Forward, Rewind, Volume Up/ Down just by using the pre-set commands.

Manages Music And Video

You can easily set default music and video.

System Function

This application comes with some pre built system function like, "Opening Or Closing Any Drives", "Creating New Folder, Getting Properties Of Any File Or Folder", etc.

Managing System

It does include "System properties", "Shut down, Restart, Log Off", "Control Panel"

Play Music And Video

Play your favourite music and videos by means of commanding the application.

Reminder Section

Now easily Add reminders while using this application which will pop up the reminder.

Google Chrome Features

Easily open new tab , window or refresh web page, manage history and downloads.

Country Zone Timings

Now get to know time and date of any place on earth without changing your time zone.


Save the login details of Gmail and Facebook into application; Use it whenever need to enter by saying to enter that.

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Please Share Your Details


Our Software Versions

Currently we support only Windows 7 + OS. Development of the app for other operating systems is under development.
Download the app NOW for a FREE (100% working) TRIAL for 7 DAYS. No credit card required.
Buy it only if you are fully satisfied with the product.

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